Adobe Illustrator, InVision and Confluence


Wireframes, prototypes, updates and additions to style guide / UI pattern library, svgs, final designs and specs




Add email sending functionality to the product


VP of Product, Front-end Developer, Software Engineer, UX / UI Designer (me), plus people in supporting roles in QA, marketing and development


Interface and visual design, interaction design, research, information architecture and QA



The product, a content management system for school websites, needed email sending capability to stay competitive and increase revenue


Project Goals

  • Provide a way for product users to send single and bulk emails
  • Unify UI of all communication tools in product
  • Review sent emails, recipients and status
  • Include email layout templates
  • Give recipients ability to manage preferences



The VP of Product conducted the initial discovery research to capture user needs and competitor offerings.



researched email senders - email status, layout templates, preview, manage preferences, stats, 


[storyboarding image - Personas - define needs of website admin vs teacher/regular user]


Define MVP and Information Architecture


user flow

Defining the sub-projects (mvp, progressive functionality)

  • Define versions to break project into smaller chunks and allow for the progressive addition of functionality

  • Mvp/versions:

    • send plain text email & preview email (and manage setup)

    • opt out (recipient subscription management) and email categories

    • View recipients

    • Add other layouts

    • Add newsletter (ability to pull in from other features)

    • Add ability for admins to send with other profiles (school, user, club, etc)

    • Stats on emails sent

    • Connect recipient lists to contact lists feature


unification of communication tools

collaborate with other ux/ui




apply to other tools to clarify & unify

collaborate with dev / contact lists


manage preferences

match existing, but add new info to cover additional scenarios


Design iterations and user testing

  • Design & iterate & test

  • QA & problem solving with dev team

  • Collaborate with contact list and social media teams (Lavanya) to define consistent ui for

    • uploading and handling contact lists across features

    • Creating & sending a new message

email layouts

round 2 after mvp

testing more

A/B testing - collaborate with marketing and vp of product - onboarding


onboarding / marketing collaborations



get usage data

how many emails, how many schools, how many recipients

it is one component of communication suite

  • KPIs

    • new products to market

    • new revenue growth opportunity with newsletter templates



If your instinct tells you there is an easier way to present something in the interface, there probably is. Find it and implement as soon as possible.

When you take the time to think about and record the small details make sure the dev team knows that information exists and where to find it.