I'm Kathy Bateman, a UX Designer based in Austin, Texas.


The first thing you should know about me is that I love asking questions–limitless questions.


Because questions lead to understanding and improvement. I love understanding why things are done and improving everything: experiences, interfaces, processes and more.

In particular, I am fascinated by the ethical ramifications of seemingly-trivial design choices.


Here are examples of projects where others' and my questions lead to many discussions, explorations, user tests, prototypes and collaborations. Together we found solutions.

Revamping the Help Center

The only way to save the Help Center was to start over, practically from scratch. The increase in ease of access, timeliness and clarity of information resulted in a 30% drop in the number of support tickets submitted per client.


Rethinking the Navigation

To reduce confusion and increase engagement we reorganized and redesigned the product's navigation.

Creating a Form Builder

We added form building and management functionality to the product to stay competitive, reduce support costs and increase revenue.