Breathe Easy

So I'm not great at remembering when to change the filter for the air conditioning unit. To remember I follow my nose, almost literally, since my allergies flare up if I haven't changed the filter recently. But I know that's not the best solution.

I've tried to stay on top of it. For years I've written the date I installed a new filter on the end of the filter itself. That worked okay when the filter was in the hallway and I could just pop the cover off to read the date.

However, the current set up has the filter inside the air conditioning unit. That means not only do I need to open the door to the a/c closet, I then also need to open the door to the a/c unit itself (and pry up the filer to see the end of it) to read the date. Which I do occasionally.

Unfortunately if the door to the unit is not re-seated correctly the safety switch does not reset and the air conditioner will not turn back on. That makes for a very long hot (or cold) night until I figure it out. Boo.

Thus I tend not to open the door to view the date until I'm pretty sure it's overdue and I should just change the filter while I have it open anyway.

Not a perfect solution by any means.

How I can keep track of the date in a location easy to access but so close to the air filter that I will remember to change the date when I change the filter?

What method of date tracking will allow me to track the date without searching for a pen every time?


The fridge is my inspiration:


The filtered water pitcher is my inspiration:


Let's do it!

Note card, pen, ruler... check, check, check

Now I have a grid of months and days. A thoughtfully placed magnet (or push-pin) displays the date of the last filter change.

In this photo you can see I changed the filter around September 14th:

Filter tracker - notecard
Filter tracker - notecard

I chose to place the chart directly on the a/c unit with the magnet I am using to track the date.

Filter tracker - in context
Filter tracker - in context

Another placement choice would be to use a push-pin to mark the date and attach the chart to the wall.

And for you my friends I've made the chart a pdf with straight lines and easy to read text!

I've even added a place on the chart for you to write the filter size. You can see in the photo above where the filter size is written with marker on the unit itself. I'm saving you the need for that lovely decorator's touch.

Filter tracker in color
Filter tracker in color
Filter tracker in black and white
Filter tracker in black and white

Filter tracker in color

Filter tracker in black and white

Print out and use it--your lungs will thank you!