Not Just Telling Stories

Lately, it seems like my life has been filled with stories, tellers of stories, promoters of stories, and promoting with stories.

First, and most obvious, having a child in the house leads to lots and lots and lots of stories. And as I tell these stories, whether from a book or my head, I find myself asking whether the story I'm telling sends the right message. Does it teach my child a life lesson that is important? Does it teach good coping mechanisms?

Does the story show how to be an adaptable, compassionate and thoughtful person by example? If it doesn't, or worse yet does the opposite, I don't tell the story. Or if I've already told the story we talk about it together and think through the lessons learned.

The stories you tell change the listener.

Then I began designing Leif is a storyteller. Not just any storyteller though. His stories are the most thoughtful and change-provoking stories I've ever heard.

What stories do you tell yourself? What are your favorite excuses for not doing what you really feel you need to? ... "I don't have time to exercise." ... "After I get a raise I'll start saving money." ... "When I have more energy I'll take that neat class." ...

The stories you tell yourself count as stories too. They become the stories you tell others about yourself. They steer you along a certain path in life.

To change the path, change the stories.

Leif helps you change the story to help you / your business be on the path you want to be on.

The listener is you.

Today I saw this flashback post from last year "The UX Portfolio: Telling Your Story" by Patrick Neeman. This is an internet post that will remain relevant for a long time to come.

As designers of any sort know, portfolios sell. That's how you get the next gig. Show what you've done before. Prove your expertise and skills in a convenient visual package.

But showing is not the only thing you need to do. There's also the telling.

That's where Patrick's post comes in. He presents, in very clear manner, how to tell your story as a UX designer and why it's so important.

Tell the story of you with the listener in mind.