Reflections on Google’s New Multi-Screen World Study

How many times do you work on your computer during the day? What about your tablet? How often do you pick up your phone to do a quick internet search or find a store nearby? Do you play on your phone while watching TV?

Google asked these questions in their study "The New Multi-Screen World Study: Understanding Cross-platform Consumer Behavior," published in 2012.

Why am I talking about this on a UX blog? Because there are some incredibly valuable lessons to be learned about when and how people view your website/app/thing-you-designed-to-be-viewed-on-a-screen.

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Not Just Telling Stories

Lately, it seems like my life has been filled with stories, tellers of stories, promoters of stories, and promoting with stories.

First, and most obvious, having a child in the house leads to lots and lots and lots of stories. And as I tell these stories, whether from a book or my head, I find myself asking whether the story I'm telling sends the right message. Does it teach my child a life lesson that is important? Does it teach good coping mechanisms?

Does the story show how to be an adaptable, compassionate and thoughtful person by example? 

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Interaction Design Foundation

Calling all current and aspiring Interaction Designers! I just found a spiffy resource for you:

Interaction Design Foundation

Open educational materials - made by the world's design elite

That tagline is certainly calling my name!

They boast quite a collection of open access textbooks to further your design knowledge. There are also videos, research, courses, conferences, a design library, curated toolbox and an educational initiative.

Most of the content is free outright and a few things are free if you join the organization.

It looks promising! I'm heading that way now...