Another Fine Use of Sticky Notes

For quite a while I was stuck while in the process of designing my online portfolio. I had some ideas. I had some projects. I had some blog posts. What I didn't have was a plan.

How should the information be presented? How were all these various examples connected? What if a prospective employer wanted to know about my design process? What if someone wanted to see examples of a specific skill? What if a particular example falls under both categories--would I need to write about it in two different locations?

Luckily I've been studying user experience techniques.

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HCI Course Part 5 - Prototypes, the beginning

This is part five in my series about the Human-Computer Interaction course I took through CourseraRead all my posts for the full story

Assignment 4 Start Building

In Assignment 4 we began the process of creating a high fidelity prototype based on one of the wireframes we made in Assignment 3. I selected CarBuddy prototype 2.

But first we needed a plan--a development plan

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